4 Great Tips To Boost Your Body Confidence And Have The Poolside Fun To The Fullest

4 Great Tips To Boost Your Body Confidence And Have The Poolside Fun To The Fullest

Do you feel threatened with a thought of a beach or poolside weekend party just because you have man boobs or a flabby waistline? You are not alone.

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Therapists specialising in body image issues and eating disorders regularly come across patients who get their mood spoilt merely with a thought of trying a bathing suit in a dressing room.

If you are missing all the beach and pool fun because of scary thoughts about your body, the good news for you is that there are certain things you can do to boost your body confidence.

1. See the Reality

Have you ever thought that there are chances that people don’t see when they look at you what you see while looking in the mirror?

Health psychologists say that your partners and friends look at you much more positively than you think.

While complaining about feeling fat is hardly productive, listening to your dear ones’ viewpoints about your body can be.

Remember that most people at a pool or beach are not interested in your body. So, no one will remember your man boobs or saggy thighs.

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2. Consider Buying the Swimsuit You Love

Gone are the days when swimsuits had limited options. Today you can get a great variety which you should consider buying.

It’s not at all a bad idea to invest time and money in buying a piece in which you think you’ll look the best.

What’s important here is that you should feel good about yourself which will make you look good.

3. Go Through the Guest List

A surefire way to spoil your poolside or beach trip is the company of wrong people. Accompany people who love you and not those who make fun of and make you feel bad about your body.

You can identify the latter category of people easily. Avoid those who are more interested in finding faults in your body and catching your eating and exercising mistakes.

Instead, be with people who love you as you are and you feel good in whose company. Of course, you too should reciprocate by loving them.

Image Courtesy: chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au

4. Stop Comparing

Comparing your body with others’ or even with your earlier slim and fit body will only make you more upset.

Research says that such a comparison makes you feel bad about yourself and sets you back.

Instead of looking over your friend’s manly chest and thinking that you have an embarrassing pair of man boobs, think that his chest is his chest and your chest is your chest, and your chest has nothing to do with his chest.

Think how healthy you are, how you can make quick movements, how you can digest food properly, think properly (which means that your brain is in good shape), work properly etc. This will make you feel overall good about your body instead of feeling embarrassed about it.

You may even need a night laser Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or by any reputable cosmetic clinic near you; but that doesn’t mean that you have a faulty body. So, be proud of your body and live a happy life.

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