The fact that you can walk into a marijuana dispensary to purchase legal weed does not say that you should do that blindly. You need to be a responsible marijuana user and stay informed about marijuana products and what to expect at the dispensary. Check out the following tips for a positive buying experience in a marijuana dispensary.

If the buds look unhealthy, don’t buy them.

In an ideal world, recreational marijuana in Denver features high-quality buds that have been well cultivated and stored to maintain their freshness. But unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. It is crucial to critically examine the weed you get in a dispensary. Healthy cannabis buds are colorful, with dense crystalline trichomes on the surface. The buds should appear sticky to indicate freshness, unlike stale buds that are moldy and dry. You are spending your hard-earned cash on weed, so do not settle for unhealthy buds.

You cannot return the buds once you purchase

It is easy to be excited by the many weed products in a dispensary such that you go for a shopping spree. But remember that once you buy weed in a cannabis dispensary, you cannot return it. Therefore, it is vital to make informed decisions when shopping for weed products. Ideally, it is best to shop in small quantities as you experiment to identify the best strain for you. Once you discover your suitable strains, you are free to over-purchase, knowing you will not regret it.

CBD oil and cannabis oil are different

Buying CBD oil doesn’t mean that you are buying marijuana. CBD oil comes from hemp, which contains 0.3% THC or less, and as such, it is legal on a federal level. CBD oil has concentrated levels of CBD, an active cannabinoid found in the cannabis flower that interacts differently with the brain than THC. However, cannabis oil, also known as marijuana oil or THC oil, has more THC concentrations to produce the psychoactive effects (high).

Your consumption method affects your high

You will find many forms of cannabis products in Denver, Colorado dispensaries. They include cannabis buds, tinctures, vapes, dabs, topicals, capsules, and edibles. All these delivery methods produce different effects. For instance, smoking buds produces an instant high but lasts a few hours. In contrast, cannabis edibles have a slow-release effect, but it last longer, even up to 8hours after ingestion. So it is important to understand the dynamics of the cannabis delivery method you choose to dose yourself appropriately. 

Trust your budtender

Rather than choosing weed based on the strain names, trust your budtender to guide you towards the best strains for your desired effect. Budtenders are well informed and experienced and should be able to answer any question regarding the cannabis they sell. That is why you should choose a dispensary with excellent customer service and trustworthy budtenders.

The last words

If you are a beginner using marijuana, start with small doses as you work your way up. While marijuana doesn’t make you feel drunk, it alters your mental state, impacting how your brain functions.

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