6 Things To Know If You Want To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

6 Things To Know If You Want To Have Breast Reduction Surgery

Women who have very large breasts, having a reduction can be life-changing, for many reasons. If you are thinking of going though this procedure as well, there are a couple of things you need to know beforehand.

Breast reduction surgery can make a huge difference

  1. Finding the right doctor matters!

First of all, no matter what kind of a procedure you are going to have, you need to find a doctor and a clinic you can trust. You can undergo a breast reduction at Breast & Body Clinic, and check out their services, or search for a more local one instead. Just make sure that the clinic and doctor you choose have a good reputation and many satisfied patients.

  1. The recovery is not that fast

Keep in mind that while the procedure will last about 3h, depending on each case, you will not be able to do much afterwards. You will be sent home, and you will definitely feel very tired, and sore afterward. So, make sure to plan a few days off if you are planning to go through with the breast reduction surgery.

  1. Don’t count on the exact cup size

Some women think that they can get the exact cup size that they want, but that is not always the case. The amount that will be reduced depends on your size, goals and breast composition. During the consultation, your plastic surgeon will make sure that you two come up with the best plan. But usually, patients will go down one or two cup sizes.

  1. You get a breast lift as well

The breast reduction surgery is actually a combination of reduction and a lift. Your surgeon will remove the excess skin and tissue from your breasts, which will make them smaller as well as saggy. Then he will move your nipples to the right position, and give your breasts a lift, and you can undergo breast lift at Breast & Body Clinic or at other local clinics.

A breast lift procedure can be done separately

  1. Scarring is inevitable

Keep in mind that if you do not want to have any scars on your breasts, do not go through this procedure. Scarring is bound to occur, and while in some cases, the scars might improve quite nicely after a couple of years, sometimes they will always remain the same. All depends.

  1. Breastfeeding

If you decide to go through with this procedure, you might have the inability or difficulty to breastfeed. You could also lose sensation on or around your nipples. So, if you are planning to become a mother soon, you might want to postpone the surgery.

Final word

There are many things you might want to learn before you go through with the breast reduction surgery, and these are just a couple of interesting facts. Keep in mind that while this could be seen as a medical issue, your insurance might not cover it. Make sure to consider all the possibilities and talk to your doctor!

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