9 Spiritual Crystals That Can Help Fight Depression

9 Spiritual Crystals That Can Help Fight Depression

Depression is an insidious condition that can be hard to fight. It makes you feel down without any reason whatsoever and makes your life difficult. Sometimes all the medication and normal approaches don’t seem to work. This is why you should reach out and try out solutions that are not standard. This is where Spiritual crystals come in.

Stones and crystals have been used for centuries to heal and help people. Depression is just one of many conditions that they can help with. Here are nine crystals that you should get to help boost your mood and make you feel better:

Smoky Citrine

Though hard to find, citrine is a very effective crystal for dealing with depression. This is because it helps to absorb negative energy while reinforcing your positive aura. That’s a big help for those who are battered down by depression. It can be worth it to have this crystal nearby.


This crystal is peachy pink and sparkles inside it. The effect of this particular crystal is to lift a person’s mood. Considering how bad depression can get, every little bit helps. It has a light touch and may work for those who think other crystals are too strong. Its main purpose is to infuse a person with positive feelings.

Smoky Quartz

This is a crystal that should be easy enough to find. Smoky quartz is aimed at helping those who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. This is because it grounds people to the Earth and helps channel the energy of the Earth into your chakras, taking the negative energy and leaving you with only positivity. It helps calm you down and improve your mood greatly.


A purple crystal, lepidolite is meant to absorb negative thoughts. This is in conjunction with helping open four of your chakras: the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. It also helps with stabilizing mood swings and bipolar disorders because of its lithium content. Overall, it helps people make good decisions and calm them down. A good night’s sleep can help a lot with depression and this stone does just that.

Tiger’s Eye

A powerful stone connected to the Earth and the sun, it grounds your emotions and lifts your mood to be more positive. Traditionally used for protection against spells and curses, it is still useful nowadays to ward away negativity. It also boosts your confidence and your self-love, which help greatly when dealing with depression.

Rose Quartz

A quartz variation, this pinkish quartz is aimed at comforting. Helping you unblock your heart chakra, it allows better empathy overall. Have it beside you when you sleep to feel its soothing power.

Angel Aura

This crystal is technically quartz but it looks unique in its own right. The name hints at what it can do for you. It radiates an aura of peace and can be helpful when dealing with stress. Just holding it can be a big help.


Carnelian is often considered the best crystal for dealing with depression. The orange-pink stone is helpful because of the energy boost it gives. Depression often leaves you tired and without motivation. This tone can change that and your life.


Finally, amethyst is a purple stone aimed at converting negative energy into positive energy. It also helps in healing emotional pain. Fighting depression with this stone is a good idea because of these two reasons.

Spiritual crystals can help us heal and feel better. At Earth’s Elements, we have a ton of choices depending on the color, benefit, or shape that you want. Visit our online shop today!

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