Analyzing the Symptoms of knee crepitus And Associated Medical Issues

Analyzing the Symptoms of knee crepitus And Associated Medical Issues

Do you often experience a crackling or popping sensation while bending the knee? The medical term for this type of sensation is knee crepitus. If you are suffering from the condition, you can actually feel the crunching or crackling sensation once you place your hand over the knee cap as you stretch or bend the knees. Occasional popping is normal in most individuals and mostly harmless. But the problem arises when the noise is regular and painful. It can be indicative of osteoarthritis, patellar dysfunction, or rheumatoid arthritis. You should visit the orthopedics at some reputed clinic like to learn more about the problem with your knees. 

Associated symptoms

Crepitus is mostly the indication of knee arthritis. So you will start showing several other symptoms that will help the orthopedic diagnose the exact cause. 

  • Do you feel while walking or as you bend your knees?
  • Do you feel stiffness in your knees that gradually wane off as you o some gentle stretching and exercising?
  • Are you facing occasional swelling in the knees?
  • Have you felt tenderness or soreness in your knees, most commonly on the internal side? 

If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you should allow the doctor to perform a thorough medical examination to find out if the knee symptoms are the result of arthritis or there is some other problem.

Treatment plan

Maximum people experience the knee pop or crackle occasionally, especially while kneeling on the floor or doing repetitive knee flexion and extension. It won’t be a concern if your crepitus is painless. But if there are other symptoms, as discussed above, you should immediately get medical help. An appropriate health care professional will be able to evaluate your case accurately and diagnose the exact underlying cause of the crepitus. It can help in treating early treatment for joint and bone problems, leading to improvement in the condition quickly. 

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