Breast Cancer Test Benefits

Breast Cancer Test Benefits

Like any medical procedure, breast cancer screening test [ตรวจมะเร็ง which is the term in Thai] has both benefits and limitations. The impact of screening on the reduction of cancer mortality is the subject of debate, as are its negative effects, particularly with regard to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

The decision to engage in screening is a personal choice: it is important to be aware of the benefits of this screening process before deciding whether to participate or not.

The Benefits Of Screening

A Saving Of Time On The Disease

Screening can detect a lesion before the appearance of symptoms and in particular to detect smaller and less advanced cancers.

Real Chances Of Healing 

Healing of breast cancer depends on some factors including age, size and type of tumor, stage of disease (skin involvement, number and condition of potential ganglia, metastases in other organs ). In general, the earlier breast cancers are detected, the greater the chance of recovery.

Less Heavy Treatments For A Better Quality Of Life

The treatment proposed for treating breast cancer depends in part on the stage at which it is discovered. The cancers detected at an early stage of their development generally allow less heavy and less aggressive treatments with fewer sequelae (the breast can be preserved rather than removed, for example).

Regular Follow-Up 

If you reach 50 and 74 years old and do not have a particular risk factor (personal history of cancer or several breast cancers in your family), you will be invited to make a new mammogram at home.

A Program That Meets Strict Quality Requirements

In addition to the routine screening of mammograms, every six months, the organized screening program meets strict quality requirements. Health professionals are specially trained. Finally, the program is regularly evaluated to make it evolve continuously.

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