CBD Toothpicks  

CBD Toothpicks  

Charles Foster is considered by many to be the “father of toothpicks.” He launched an operation that was capable of producing numerous toothpicks per day. Toothpicks are of course, excellent in cleaning teeth on the go. They ensure you do not embarrass yourself by carrying a piece of spinach all day long.

Imagine though, a scenario where a toothpick acts as a form of medication. Wonder no more because a CBD toothpick helps you to enjoy clean teeth as well as the infusion of cannabidiol greatness all at once!

What are CBD Toothpicks?

You will not be shocked to know that CBD toothpicks are traditional toothpicks coated in cannabidiol oil. If you have the habit of sucking a toothpick, it might prove essential to use it to your advantage. You can suck the toothpick for up to 1 hour and receive all the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of CBD.

A CBD toothpick works because uptake of cannabinoids occurs sublingually (through the gland beneath the tongue). Cannabinoids from the toothpick go to the bloodstream immediately, via the tissues present in the sublingual cavity. The pick is also infused with spilanthes, a herb that induces saliva. Ultimately, the more saliva you produce in the mouth, the faster the toothpick will work.

What are the benefits of using CBD toothpicks?

The benefits are obvious; you enjoy clean teeth as well as an infusion of CBD. CBD oil can be cumbersome to carry around with you. In contrast, toothpicks are easy to carry around. Typically, they come in small packages that contain up to 20 toothpicks. Each pick contains 10-25 mg of the CBD compound. All you have to do is suck on the pick for as long as the brand suggests. Therefore, toothpicks are convenient since you can bring them with you and nobody will give you an odd look when you start using one.

CBD benefits are manifold. CBD treats anxiety disorders, seizures, inflammation, nausea and chronic pain. CBD-infused picks are excellent if you are seeking treatment for acute pain, anxiety and stress. Evidence suggests that 10-20 mg of CBD a day is all a 150-250 pound individual requires to reduce chronic pain.

It’s incredibly easy to use CBD-infused toothpicks-once you finish picking your teeth clean, begin sucking it for at least 15 minutes. You can also decide to suck it all day long for quick CBD hit. However, you should rotate it periodically for the best results.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturers of CBD products have become increasingly innovative, as proved by the creation of CBD-infused toothpicks. Try a CBD toothpick if you like cleaning your teeth after a meal and sucking on it. The pick will give you CBD infusion and have good-looking teeth in the bargain.

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