Determine your gynecological health with a pelvic exam

Determine your gynecological health with a pelvic exam

To promote good health and overall wellbeing every woman must go for regular gynecological checkups. Poor gynecological health could result in serious health conditions such as cancer and infection. If you want to be at your best physical and mental health then plan for a regular pelvic examination (ตรวจภายใน which is the term in thai) and prevent any the issues related to infertility, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone disorders, etc. with right treatment and approach. A pelvic examination can detect wide range of woman’s health issues such as ovarian cancer, cysts, unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge, irregular menstruation, etc. Hence be proactive and make proper diagnoses from reputable hospitals or clinics.

Get the best help

Today remarkably large numbers of women have to deal with infertility, which ruins their happiness and confidence. Most of the women consult doctor once they did not get any result after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. But with the regular pelvic examination, preferably once in the year you can know the status of your reproductive health and can plan your pregnancy accordingly which will save you from the depression and frustration of failing to conceive. Search for the best gynecologist conveniently from the comfort of home via a reliable website such as Honestdoc and book appointments with great ease. Before taking any decision you can also go through the reviews of the doctors on the same platform and evaluate the reputation and performance of doctors.

Be well informed

Regardless of the type of pelvic examination you are planning to take such as the Visual exam, Speculum exam, Pap smear or Manual exam; it is apparent that the doctor will check your private part and also might ask some personal questions. Hence before booking the appointment ensures that you are comfortable with him/her otherwise it will create an awkward situation. Also discuss with the doctor regarding the duration of the exam, pre-procedure precaution, right time for the exam, etc. for accurate results.

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