Enjoy a Fulfilling Sexual Life with Sildenafil Citrate Gold

Enjoy a Fulfilling Sexual Life with Sildenafil Citrate Gold

Erection problems in males have been a long term issue with many. As the problem is regarding the male reproductive organ, many feel ashamed to discuss or consult a doctor regarding the issue. It has become a sign of incapability for men when actually its just an enzymatic disbalance of your body. With the discovery of a drug that can cure the condition, there have been reports of millions of men getting a cure by the intake of the medicine. Ten clear benefits of the drug have led to an improvement in the sex lives of people all across the globe.


Unfortunately, there is little awareness of the small blue pills that has changed the quality of living in millions of adult men. Online stores for drugs like RXShopMD sell the product which you can get delivered right at your doorstep. The medicine is so effective that the first responders who have erectile dysfunction have achieved the erection within twelve minutes of the intake. Through the clinical tests, researchers have concluded that the average response time to the drug is about half an hour.

The working mechanism of the medicine

In your body, cGMP present in the blood vascular system relaxes the walls of all the blood vessels. The chemical is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels, which will allow the natural flow of the blood. Surprisingly, this relaxation is the cause of erection of the penis. On the other hand, PDE5 enzyme can break down the cGMP to reduce the blood flow through the blood vessels. The location of PDE5 is the corpus cavernosum in the penis. During erection, this spongy area fills up with blood. The Sildenafil Citrate Gold binds to the PDE5 and inhibits its action. The blood flow is thus unhindered in the penis leading to a long time erection.

Checking the potential

The Viagra Gold is the specific formulation following the composition of the well-known drug which cures erectile problems. In a single pill, there will be 100mg of the active component which will render the maximum effect without causing any side effect. The oral dose of the medicine will reach the maximum concentration in your blood to produce the peak effect. The physicians thus, recommend taking medicine at least an hour before sexual activities. The erection can continue for hours which promises to deliver you the maximum pleasure during the sexual act. Even after 10 hours of intake, you can have the erection.

Molecular level interaction

Isn’t it intriguing that a molecular level interaction leads to a high performance in your sexual activity? When tested on thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the Viagra has caused firmness of the erection in almost all the cases. The drug is the first molecular PDE5 inhibitor which starts showing its effect on the intake of as low quantity as 50mg. Sexual difficulties can be quite challenging for various people. Sitting in the privacy of your residence, you can cure the problem with the help of a single drug.

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