Erectile Dysfunction Care and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Care and Treatment

If you suspect or think that you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, the first and most important step to take is to talk with your doctor. The doctor will diagnose and carryout various tests before prescribing a medication for you. A physical exam that involves answering some questions might be required. However, if you are suffering from a chronic health problem, or maybe the doctor suspect that there could be an underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, further tests might be carried. Some of the tests might include the following:

Physical exam

The doctor may decide to carry out a physical exam that includes careful examination of your penis, testicles and checking your sensory nerves whether they are functioning optimally or not.

Blood tests

The doctor can also decide to do blood tests whereby blood samples might be drawn from your body and sent to the lab. This will enable the doctor to check for signs of diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone levels and any other health condition that might be causing problems to the normal function of your body.

Urine tests

Urinalysis can be done to check for other health problems that you might be suffering from. For example, diabetes, sexually related diseases and STI and other underlying diseases.

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This test is done when the doctor does not find any underlying condition but suspects that you could be suffering from blood flow problems to the penile region. This test is normally done by a specialist and in a facility. A special equipment is used to get a video image of the internal parts of your penis.

Psychological exam

Psychological problems can cause erectile dysfunction and deal with these problems is the only answer to eliminate the ED problem. The doctor might ask you several questions to screen for anxiety, depression or any other mental disorder that might be preventing you from having full erections.

Erectile dysfunction treatmentoptions

Depending on the causes and severity of your erectile dysfunction as well as underlying health conditions, the doctor might prescribe a number of treatment options. Seeking the services of a professional is important because the doctor will explain the side effects of all treatment options before giving it to you. There are oral treatment options, lifestyle changes, surgery as well as implants that can help in dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Oral medications like Kamagra 100mg Oral Jelly have been proven to be effective in helping men deal with erectile dysfunction. Always talk with your doctor to find a treatment option that is ideal for you and one that is long lasting and has minimal side effects.

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