Factors Increasing the Occurrence of Emergencies

The word “emergency” refers to phenomena that require immediate attention. A major part of the reason for the increase in who in emergencies compared to the past is unavoidable. Therefore, the degree of success in their management depends on the quality of prevention and previous preparation of the dentist, which can be achieved by carefully evaluating the patient before treatment. Different methods of classification of emergencies allow us to study them according to our goal.

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An Increase in the Elderly Population Requiring Dental Visits

As a professional dentist at Elmwood Park Dental explains, in the past, there was less attention to oral hygiene. People who lost their teeth earlier were given. For this reason, most of the dental visits were made by young people and older people, mostly for work such as the replacement of dentures used to go to the dentist. At the same time, today, with the advancement of health, elderly patients are observed to visit dentists for dental treatment, implants or other treatments.

In elderly patients, the function of all major organs, especially the cardiovascular system, should be considered. When these patients are under physical or mental stress, if the cardiovascular system works 2 to create If it does not have the necessary, it can cause acute cardiovascular involvement such as angina pain and dysrhythmia.

Medical Advances and the Subsequent Increase in the Elderly Population

Medical advances include therapeutic and pharmaceutical advances and an increase in various surgical procedures (such as implants). In the past, if a person was diagnosed with cancer, they usually did not have much life expectancy. Still, today, with the help of radiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs, the lifespan of these people has increased.

Also, in the past, there was no hope for the treatment of heart diseases, but today, with open heart surgery (bypass, which removes the vessels from the patient’s arm or leg and replaces the coronary arteries) and angioplasty (catheter or balloon placement inside the arteries), these people They have a longer lifespan.

As a result, currently, patients who have chronic disorders and their disease have been controlled (not that they have been treated), so more care and attention is required in dealing with them.

Tendency Towards Long Dental Appointments

In the past, dental treatments were performed in short sessions, but today, with the arrival of newer treatments and the use of more modern equipment, more procedures can be performed, and the sessions have become longer. Long sessions cause more stress in the patient.

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Increasing the Need to Prescribe and Consume Medicine in Dentistry, Including Local Anesthetics, Pain Relievers, and Antibiotics

Prescription drugs should be chosen very carefully because no drug is completely safe. Prescription medicine should have the lowest risk; for example, we can only prescribe amoxicillin for pregnant women, and metronidazole cannot be used.

Usually, with the age of the patient, the amount of drug consumption also increases. The importance of knowing the drugs used by the patient is its side effects and interactions that this drug can cause with other drugs. For example, the occurrence of orthostatic hypotension in a patient can be related to the use of high blood pressure control drugs.

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