Four Reasons You Should Vaporize Cannabis Instead of Smoking It

Four Reasons You Should Vaporize Cannabis Instead of Smoking It

Medical use of marijuana has been on a steady rise in recent years. 92% of patients using medical marijuana have affirmedthat using it has helped combat pain, cancer, and arthritis among others. A survey found that 8 out of 10 doctors approve the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.Many people using medical marijuana have undoubtedly had to choose between whether to vaporize or smoke it. Here are some of the reasons that favor vaporing your marijuana prescription over smoking it.

It Is Better on Your Respiratory System

Smoking of marijuana involves burning all the contents at relatively higher temperatures that vaporizing it. That results in consuming the tar and carcinogens found in the plant matter. While this may not have as drastic consequences as for tobacco smokers, it is still unhealthy and will negatively affect your system.

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Vaporizing marijuana burns it at a more precise and lower temperature than smoking. The beneficial compounds stored in the plant matter are then released and instantly vaporized without burning the plant matter. You, therefore, consume all the beneficial compounds without also having to consume the harmful tar and carcinogens contained in the plant matter.The difference in health benefits between the two is quite clear based on how it works. One point to note when vaporizing is that inferior quality vaporizers will be harmful to your health. The glue and heavy metals used to manufacture them also burn when using it, and this can intermingle with the marijuana compounds that you inhale. To protect against these harmful chemicals always invest in a good quality vaporizer. A good recommendation is the R Series 2 vaporizer.

It’s Easy and More Convenient to Use

Smoking marijuana produces a thick cloud and a pungent smell. That can limit your consumption while in public spaces or around people who may be offended or affected by it. Furthermore, with the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, pen-sized vaporizers have received mainstream acceptance. Vaporization is a discreet way to consume your marijuana with minimal to no smell and with negligible smoke, if at all. You not only get to use it comfortably in public, but you also avoid getting the after-smoke smell that hangs on your clothing long after you’re finished.

It Saves You Money

Vaporizers can be an investment at the time of initial purchase, but they save you money in the long run. Having to burn less of the marijuana per use as it extracts the beneficial compounds directly means you spend less overall.Vaporizing has been ranked as the most effective way to consume marijuana by patients in a survey by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. The need to use less marijuana per dose is the primary factor contributing to its cost effectiveness.

It Has a Better Flavor

Due to the extractive nature of vaporization, it gives a clean flavor devoid of the burnt wood taste that smoking delivers.


Marijuana is becoming a vital form of treatment for many patients. Choosing a healthier, convenient and cost-effective method to consume their prescription is therefore important. In this respect, vaporization stands out as a clear winner for medical marijuana users.


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