Has Cannabis Captivated the Medical Sense of People?

Has Cannabis Captivated the Medical Sense of People?

Cannabis has a growing culture

History of cannabis finds origin in the Chinese culture when it was first documented by a Chinese Emperor. The name was derived from the word “ma” meaning a hemp that had numbness causing properties. Cannabis got acquaintance in many other parts of the world in many cultures because of awareness of the feature of this plantation over the years. However, the cannabis plantation went through ups and downs with restriction in its use in some regions. That might be because of its adverse effects, but nothing is explicit about the real benefits of its consumption. Cannabis is consumed in abundance despite non-affirmative information on its use. Against restrictive availability in the open market, people buy weed online for raw consumption.

Current research on cannabis in medication?

Research studies about its use in medical applications are in progress, but the results so far are not constructive. Current study on animals has shown long-lasting abnormal pattern of mental ability in the child by the effect of mild amount of THC, having presence in cannabis, given to the mother during pregnancy. In humans, its consumption is not recommended due to unknown effects. Recent animal studies have also shown that purified extracts from whole-weed cannabis may destroy certain cancer cells and sluggish the development of cancer cells in serious types of brain tumor. The refined extracts of THC and CBD, the key ingredients in cannabis have also shown cancer-killing effects when used with radiation.

Why do people consume cannabis?

Despite uncertainty about its real benefits, cannabis is an addiction drug having millions of consumers in most parts of the world. Not sure, but most people buy cannabis online or get mail order cannabis delivery for some uncertain reasons to consume. In ancient times, its use was recognized as a sedative and it is, thus, obvious that cannabis is consumed to relieve the stress, although it has not been fully approved for medical applications.

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