Is CBD oil good for you?

Is CBD oil good for you?

The chances are you may have noticed a fair bit of coverage in the media about CBD recently.

Barely a day passes without a mention in one of the dailies about how it may be a ‘wonder cure’ for seemingly every ailment under the sun.

But is CBD oil really good for you? We all know how the media loves to sensationalise, usually the bad stuff, but when it comes to these extracts there’s barely a bad word to be read.This is because there’s simply no proof that there’s anything bad about CBD.

The worst that the most limited proportion of medical science can come up with is ‘it’s overrated’ while the majority are quietly optimistic that CBD really can help people with health issues.

Of course, there’s much research still to come, but we have enough anecdotal and early released studies showing that this amazing supplement really can make a substantial difference to your overall health.

CBD isn’t remotely dangerous

Even the most pessimistic journalist cannot find any evidence that CBD is bad for you. That’s because there simply is none, and the science supports this fact.

Everyone has a natural endocannabinoid system that has been proven to fluctuate. Quite how these receptors function is still under investigation, but logic and evidence demonstrates that CBD supplementation helps to replenish these. Excess/unneeded cannabinoids are just absorbed into the body or expelled just like any other supplement.

In this regard, CBD is no different from that multivitamin pill millions take every morning. There is no toxicity, it does not make you high/fail a drug test – it is totally benign.

It works differently for everyone

People are simply genetically and physically different. Some ‘feel’ the positives from CBD more than others, but getting an appropriate dosage and delivery is an entirely separate topic.

What matters is that there is no guarantee that taking such supplements will automatically help everyone universally. Frustrating as it may be, that is simply the way it is – and never trust any company that promises 100% results.

By taking in a supplement you will certainly not be doing any harm, in fact, it could be silently helping towards boosting those silent background processes such as immune and gastric systems.

So what good can CBD do?

Wemust qualify that we cannot say for certain or make promises that it will work for you and address your ailments. To do so is in our opinion irresponsible as we are not medically trained. That being said, we can discuss what other people are reporting – in considerable numbers – from an anecdotal basis.

Before taking on a CBD routine, take the time to check out what millions of people are posting online and make your mind up. Just a google of your condition and ‘CBD’ will give a good idea of what individuals have experienced as well as a vague indication of potentially effective dosage.

Here’s a run through of a few common ailments that many people report having been improved thanks to CBD oils in the UK:

  1. Anxiety and depression are one of the key reasons why people find this extract useful. Studies are increasingly suggesting that this is because CBD stimulates limbic and paralimbic parts of the brain that are known to be depleted in those who suffer such conditions. Read into that what you will, but it certainly appears that CBD is well worth trying at least.
  2. Pain relief is almost universally taken to be one of the core benefits of taking these compounds. It is even being increasingly used by professional athletes to reduce inflammation and enhance recovery times – and remember, they get drug tested all the time so one less thing to worry about! This is already proven conclusively by rodent studies and will most certainly be verified conclusively in humans very soon.
  3. Diabetes is one reason why a good number of middle-aged people are interested in supplementation. Once again, studies on mice have shown that white females dosed with CBD have only a third the chance of contracting the disease compared to 100% of the test sample untreated. Quite why this is the case is a matter for further research, but one thing is for sure – it cannot do any harm.
  4. Seizures, be they through epilepsy or other disorders are another focus of current research providing very positive feedback. Early studies have found that CBD can be especially effective in reducing both the severity and regularity of seizures, especially with children. The reduction is estimated at being around 40% – a stunning figure that compares extremely well to even the best chemically manufactured drugs. As an aid to existing medication CBD may prove especially valuable – but consult with your doctor first.
  5. Cancer is a complicated one. There are positive noises being made about how it can assist potentially in reducing the size of tumours and assist in formal treatment. By no means is CBD a wonder cure or anything, and there are so many different kinds that research is barely even taking the first steps yet. However, do your own research and see what others have experienced to make up your own mind.
  6. Sleep disorders are also apparently made naturally more benign, but sleep is such a personal and subjective matter that it really seems to come down to the individual. Some swear by capsules/drops before bedtime – and hey, there’s no harm in trying.

So what can we take from this? Quite simply that it certainly appears that CBD can be very good indeed for a wide range of people suffering all sorts of different health issues.

We’ve only touched on a few of the illnesses that it appears CBD can help with. But what we can say with utter certainty is that CBD is not bad for you.

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