It’s All About Kama Sutra and London tantric massage

Chapter 12 Thinking through the Body of Maya: Somaesthetic Frames from Mira  Nair's Kamasutra in: Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics

Traditional erotic & sensual massage techniques like those found in Indian Kama Sutra &Tantra have a much longer history than those found in modern massage therapy. But while sensual massage isn’t explicitly discussed in the Kama Sutra, many of its principles and practices can be safely employed in sensual or erotic massage.

As a general rule, most people believe that the kama sutra is about romance, yet arguably the biggest sex advice is about living your life or approaching human interactions in a reasonable and logical way, it’s not only about having sex; it’s about getting pleasure from the inside out as well. However, there are situations when sex, marriage, or even group interactions as well as other social skills are included.

The Kama Sutra is not merely a collection of sex suggestions, artistic & gymnastic sex positions, but rather a guide to a deeper understanding of love and desire, intimacy, sex, and love should be viewed as an aesthetic rite, and using such viewpoints, we can see that the art of sensual and London tantric massage serves a much broader purpose than simply relaxing the body after a stressful event or indulging one’s need for sensual pleasure.

You and Your Desires Matter!

It’s all about reviving the person’s entire personality from the inside out and to celebrate our life together, we must find something deep within ourselves that we can share with one other while in ancient India, sensual pleasures were viewed as sacred rather than filthy, and the body was regarded as a temple.

If you follow the instructions, you can use London tantric massage to woo your partner, actually, sensual massage builds a communication link between you and your partner, allowing you to let go of the outer world and become conscious of your entire body and its part in giving the massage. We’ve never seen or experienced anything like this before.

As a holistic therapy, sensual massage focuses on the individual as a whole, therefore these massage techniques can help you heal from the inside out in the right atmosphere. It can also be used to cure minor diseases, stress, and bad emotional states in people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of the cause.

A Simple Touch Can Move Mountains

The art of touch is crucial in all types of massage, whether it’s therapeutic, sensuous, or erotic and when massaging is conducted on more than one person, it can vary from giver and receiver.

Essentially, the nature of touch that takes one on a voyage into the deepest regions of one’s own self and soul, and that subtly, tenderly, and cleverly encourages one to access the imprinting and holding patterns that limit one’s body, mind, and soul’s freedom, dance freer, and fly higher than ever before.

You may not be able to master this unique skill, but the secrets that will make your lover fall head over heels for you can be learned, relearned, and even unlearned.

Essential Oils Does Soothe and Relax Us

Exotic scented oils stimulate and soothe touch sensations in a titillating and healing way. In order to have a good and personal connection, you need to be able to both give and receive touch. In order for your physical experience to last as long as possible, you must first heal your physic, especially any residual energy from previous relationships.

True sensual massage employs sexual energy to revitalize internal energy and liberate trapped emotions from our past and present lives, and as a result, helps us feel more relieved and pleased.

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