Kratom – The Herbal Drug Spread Across America

Kratom – The Herbal Drug Spread Across America

Kratom is actually a tropical tree originating in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. The leaves of this plant are used for medicinal purposes because of its morphine-like effect. It is the leaves of the plant that provides certain health benefits due to the presence of some unique nutrients and chemical compounds. The organic substances and alkaloids present in Kratom are beneficial for many organs of our body. These leaves are considered very valuable in many parts of the world.

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List of benefits

The Kratom herb has a whole lot of medicinal benefits like:

  • Acts as a pain reliever – The analgesic properties of Kratom leaves can act as a very good pain reliever by bringing about impact on the hormonal system. When you chew the leaves, it releases dopamine and serotonin in the body that helps in easing the pain.
  • Boosts the immune system – Various studies showed that the combinative effect of various alkaloids that you find in Kratom leaves acts as natural antioxidant and boosts the immunity system.
  • Acts as energy booster – Kratom leaves are also popular for their metabolic effects. It can boost the energy level by altering the hormone levels and optimizing the metabolic process. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, Kratom is an effective solution.
  • A sexual stimulant – Most traditional practitioners sees Kratom as a fertility booster as it improves the blood flow and provides a lot of energy. It charges up a tired libido and improves the fertility.
  • Reduces anxiety – Kratom leaves are used widely by people suffering from anxiety, depression, mood swings and chronic stress. This is also achieved by regulating the hormonal balance in the body.
  • Cure addiction – Due to its immense health benefits, Kratom leaves are also used to recover from any kind of drug addiction, like opium addiction. When people decides to stay away from the harmful drugs they start chewing Kratom to give them a similar effect without any side effects. It also helps to treat the withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop taking any intense drug.
  • Treating diabetes – Lowering the blood sugar level is not a very popular benefit of Kratom. But actually, it is the alkaloids present in the leaves that helps to regulate the blood glucose level. It can not only treat diabetes but also prevent it from occurring.

Is Kratom a nootropic

Kratom, which is otherwise scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical plant that belongs to the espresso family. The leaves of this plant have healing properties that elevates your state of mind and treats different medical conditions due to its psychoactive effect. When taken in small does it gives a stimulating effect and can be used as a nootropic. When the dose is increased, Kratom is said to give a soothing impact that can minimize your stress and feeling of nervousness.

The legal aspect

In the US, Kratom has been given a legal status unlike in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and other Union countries of Europe. In the US, the Kratom herb extract is sold in the market as alternative medicine and is easily found in stores selling alternative medicines and supplements.

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