This sex change technique involves transforming the clitoris into a kind of small penis. With the intake of male hormones, the clitoris tends to grow to an average size of 4 to 5 cm. Some patients decide to resort to metoidioplasty instead of phalloplasty if the size of their clitoris allows it because it is a simpler operation, which leaves fewer sequelae. The result of the metoidioplasty does not allow the patient to perform a penetration during sexual intercourse, but if it allows you to maintain the orgasmic ability of your clitoris.

This procedure is usually performed at the same time as a scrotoplasty (creation of the scrotum), a vaginectomy (more or less partial removal of the vagina), a hysterectomy (more or less partial removal of the uterus) and an ovariectomy (removal of the ovaries), if these have not yet been done.

Bilateral Mastectomy

You can perform this intervention as soon as you start your hormonal treatment to help you feel better in your body.

It is a delicate intervention since the chest will be exposed in your daily life; therefore, it should have the most natural appearance possible. The physician will remove the glandular tissue mamari to form a flat chest and symmetrical that aesthetically resembles a male breast. If necessary, the surgeon may also decrease the size of the breast areolas.

Testicular Implants

To give a more natural look to the scrotum that was created in a previous procedure, you can fill it with testicular prostheses. These prostheses are composed of silicone gel and exist in different sizes. However, you can only opt for this surgery at least 6 months after the scrotoplasty.

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