Natural Methods of Addressing Varicose Veins Problems during Pregnancy

Natural Methods of Addressing Varicose Veins Problems during Pregnancy

It is common knowledge that the volume of blood increases during pregnancy. Despite this increment on blood volume, the volume of blood flowing to the legs and pelvis area significantly decreases. The increase in the volume of blood flowing through the body is likely to increase pressure on the veins hence increasing the chances of varicose veins. Surprisingly, swelling of veins can occur around the virginal area and on the buttocks despite it predominantly appearing on the lower legs. During pregnancy, there is a probability of getting other forms of bilging veins such as hemorrhoids which usually occur in the rectum leading to constipation.


During pregnancy, the body is likely to experience a significant level of hormonal changes such as increased progestin. The increment of any chemical, which has ions in it, might lead to critical challenges as it causes veins to dilate. Notably, the increased size and weight of the uterus causing it to exert much pressure on inferior vena cava which leads to increased chances of getting varicose veins. Although bulging veins are not harmful, sometimes they become too much to the point of causing pain. Some people find it difficult to address the problem of varicose veins during this period.

Here are some natural methods that one can use to deal with the problem.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Due to the significant changes in hormonal balances in the body, there is a possibility that much salts will increase in the blood hence causing dilation. This will later lead to a weakening of the veins, therefore, causing rupturing of blood capillaries and sometimes widening of blood vessels which makes it difficult for blood to flow from legs to the heart. Taking much water plays a critical role in diluting the salt in the blood.

  1. Reduce Sodium Intake

Reduction of sodium intake is similar to the point discussed above where one has to increase water intake. Reducing sodium intake plays a critical role in ensuring that the number of ions in the blood is significantly reduced. This will prevent the weakening of blood vessels which has for an extended period been known to cause weakening of blood capillaries.

  1. Sleep on your Left Side

It is advisable that pregnant women can sleep on the left side of their body. This is an analytical sleeping technique as it helps in reducing the pressure that would have otherwise been exerted in the inferior vena cava. This is a varicose veins treatment method that is highly recommended by physicians. It is highly known to minimize the chances of swelling veins around the birth canal.

  1. Wear Maternity Support Hosiery

Wearing maternity hosiery is highly recommended by the physicians as it is one of the most preferred varicose veins treatment method for pregnant women. The hosiery is very important in ensuring that the legs are stimulated to enhance the flow of blood from the legs to the heart. However, individuals are required to avoid very tight hosiery which is likely to cut off blood circulation.

  1. Regular Exercising

Continuous exercising is one of the most important natural treatment for vein problem for pregnant women and other people facing the same problem. Exercising helps the body to circulate blood effectively from the lower parts of the legs to the heart. However, all pregnant individuals should make sure they consult their doctor to that they can get a green light of exercising.

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