Numerous positive benefits accompany Androlic

Numerous positive benefits accompany Androlic

Androlic 50 mg, also known as Oxymetholene is a common bodybuilding product for strength and mass increase. Users of this product expect to gain weight quickly provided they maintain a good diet to support the growth. People on solid diet accomplish results of 20-30 pounds in a few weeks but those not eating adequate may not get such mass gain. Apart from the benefits of mass gain and strength, there are several advantages of using this drug. The effects are extreme and instant. Users notice their improvement in the very first week. First-time users of this steroid experience more weight gain than those using it for the second and third time.

This steroid increases the amount of hormone that produces red blood cells. This is regarded as one of the strongest steroids as the results are quick. This drug is a secondary steroid and not a base steroid. People find fast gain when they use Anadrol only but the gains withdraw quickly when the cycle is not continued with base steroids like Testosterone or Nandrolone. Earlier this anabolic steroid was used to stop muscle-wasting diseases. It is recommended to buy the steroid from an anabolic producer of repute to acquire a high-grade product so that users do not assume Androlic is a fake steroic.

Administration, cycle and dosage

This medication has an active half-life of 16 hours therefore, the hormone requires daily administration. Mostly men with a dose of 50 mg per day for about 4-6 weeks see remarkable results. Users who have experienced positive response in earlier cycles can consider a higher dose of 100 mg per day. They should be cautious as the side effects may be more. Doses above 100 mg are not recommended as they do not give any positive result. Doses of100 mg a day is limited for use for four weeks. Higher doses may reduce the appetite.

This drug can be taken by mouth or as directed by your doctor. In the case of stomach upset, it should be taken with milk or food. Use this supplement on a regular basis to derive the maximum benefit. Use it at the same time every day. The increase of dose or usage of this drug for longer periods should not be done. The abuse of this anabolic steroid may cause side effects like heart disease, liver disease or abnormal bone growth. Users suddenly stoppedtaking this steroid may witness withdrawal symptoms that may last from weeks to months.

Information on availability

The easiest way to get Anadrol 50 mg is online. Many suppliers are available online as well as the brand. But in the US purchase of this steroid is illegal. These steroids are grouped as Schedule III controlled substances and any violation carries with it severe consequences. You can also purchase at The sponsors have effective steroids for sale that are legal and can be purchased without a prescription. Plenty of scam sites are there where fake pills are sold that can be harmful. Careful consideration of every factor is necessary so that users do not feel that Androlic is a fake steroic. Before buying, one should only contemplate the positive effects of this steroid.

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