PRP: Pre-Procedure Standards

PRP: Pre-Procedure Standards

Prior to your Knee Injections of platelet-rich plasma [ฉีด เกล็ด เลือด รักษา เข่า เสื่อม, which is the term in Thai] session, a physician will review what to anticipate during your therapy. Nonetheless, it is practical to remember that there are a couple of points to think about prior to your session:

  • At least three to four days prior to your procedure, terminate anti-inflammatory medications
  • One to two weeks before your treatment, discontinue any blood thinning herbs, supplements, or vitamins
  • One to two weeks prior to your treatment, discontinue organized steroids
  • At least one month before your procedure, terminate steroid injections
  • On the day of your treatment, consume a full, healthy and balanced morning meal and make certain to consume a lot of water

Please be advised that if you take persistent steroids, a discontinuation plan will need to be gone over with your medical care service provider as abrupt interruption might cause side effects. Some institutes do not encourage quitting or taking any kind of medication routines without first consulting the medical professional that recommended them to you.

PRP: Post-Procedure Guidelines

After your PRP Treatment session, physicians will advise that all clients rest on the day of their treatment. For the following two days, they suggest limited use the injection area, yet motion is urged. This assists the joint to recoup as the shot is absorbed by the area’s surrounding cells.

0-3 days post-procedure standards

After your treatment, there is an opportunity you’ll experience some mild to moderate discomfort or pain at the injection site. This is typical, and it is an indication that your body is healing as it adapts to the injection. It is best to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water to aid to advertise healing.

It is crucial that you DO NOT take ANY medications following your procedure unless specifically routed otherwise by a physician. This is because any kind of medicine can impact the healing process or other unfavorable impacts.

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