Rebound App, A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Life From Addiction

Rebound App, A Perfect Way To Safeguard Your Life From Addiction

No one wants to be sick, but the surrounding might force him or her to. Suffering from simple cough and cold is easily manageable, but not when you are a victim of some serious dreadful diseases. You have to get doctor’s help, and after judging your body, he will prescribe the perfect medicine to be used. Now, always remember that prescription based medicines should be followed for a specific time. So, following a proper dosage and for a particular time is important. If you fail to do so and continue with the medicine, that can lead to medical side effects and you don’t want that. If you are in medical dependency and trying to get rid of it, then Rebound is the option for you.

More on this app:

Rebound is the first ever initiative in this kind of segment. It is the perfect way to help you get rid of issues right from the core and prevent you from falling into dependency. You will keep a track on your medicine and its dosage, and the changes taking place in your body. When you can feel that you are perfectly all right, it is time to retreat. Maintaining a track will help you to avoid falling for the medicine for long and will prevent you from getting addicted.

Visualize the progress:

Through Rebound app, you can easily get the chance to visualize the progress well. You get the chance to compare your well-being scores with the medical dosage. You are further going to use graphs in creating overview of the progress report and send those back to doctors in PDF format. All these are important for you to follow, and this app would like to help you with that. Want to be among the first few to get this app, completely feature loaded? In case, the answer is yes, then you just need to make a donation and that’s it.

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