Suppositories – Treatments and their uses for our health

Suppositories – Treatments and their uses for our health

There are different types of medicines that can be taken in many different ways. These may range from Oral pills, Syrups, ointments, liquid potions or vaporizer. Suppository is also one of the ways in which the medicine enters our body.

These are commonly used for treatment purposes.  In general these are oval or round in shape and small in size. The medication is inserted inside the body in the form of vaporizer and has to be injected from rectum of vaginal opening.

How do suppositories act inside our body?

Suppositories are drugs that are inserted inside the human body. Being a form of vaporizer, the medication slowly melts (vaporizes) in the body on coming on contact with human body fluids. Immediately the vaporized liquid is carried away by the body cells.

It is then transported into different parts of the body and organs, where it acts and treats a particular type of condition. The drug is directly mixed with the blood cells and so it is very much effective. CBD Rectal Suppositories are common types of rectal drugs that offer with numerous health benefits and treat a number of conditions.

Note – As per patients, this form of medication may not be pleasant as compared to injections and pills or syrups, but it is more effective as compared to any other form of medication include IV.

Types and variations

The medication is one of the best ways for any treatment and so it is available in wide variations. They are made up of basic ingredients like cocoa butter and gelatin. These ingredients are natural products and thus are used for covering liquid medication.

With the body temperature slightly higher than surrounding temperature, the top coating (Gelatin or Cocoa butter) melts away. This allows the liquid medicine to mix directly with the blood stream.

You get types and variations of this medication that can be inserted inside the Vaginal opening or the Rectum opening. Apart from this, the medication variation can also be inserted into the Urethra. Special variation can also be used to be inserted inside the urinary bladder.

Some are used for treating conditions at the place of insertion or even act on other organs. The ones that are injected inside the rectum region are generally longer in shape and pointed at the tip (like a bullet). The one that is inserted inside the vaginal region may be soft coated and round tipped.

When using CBD Rectal Suppositories you can treat a number of conditions including allergies, anxiety, constipation, child birth etc.

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