Techniques And Forms Of Cosmetic Surgery

Techniques And Forms Of Cosmetic Surgery

Since most Thai eyes have a lot of eyelids, it is preferable to get double eyelid treatment. Cut the excess eyelid. Which techniques to make when starting with problem analysis if it meets the criteria for excess eyelid, will consider doing by having the excess eyelid remove. After that, it is the process of drawing the eye layer, and the amount of eyelid that will be cut out to fit, which will result in the eyelid coming out beautifully and not leaving a pile of material on the outer corner of the eye and design the size of the eye layer to fit the shape of the eye and face frame after that, an anesthetic will not feel hurt during surgery. The process of the Double eyelid surgery (ทำตา2ชั้น which is the term in Thai) will use a microlaser with high accuracy, No effect on nearby skin helps stop bleeding during surgery for easy surgery. It won’t appear swollen, bruised after the use of microsurgery in the removal of excess fat (if any) and find the position to sew to create double eyelid and then the process of sewing the eye layer which has to be sewn to create balance and dynamic movement so that the eye line comes out as natural as possible.

What Techniques Have Made Korean Double Eyelid Surgery Popular

A technique that is very popular in Korea is the eye-opening technique, which will make the eyes look bigger, the shape of the eyes change for the better, and the eye extension technique that will increase the eye length to make it look slender, forming a shape. In addition, double eyelids like slits are still popular in Korea because of better and more permanent results. Thai people think that it is something new, but it is a way to do it for a long time.

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