The Good Things About Allegra Outweighs Its Few Downsides

The Good Things About Allegra Outweighs Its Few Downsides

Allegra is a branded medication that has taken the market by storm for its unique anti-allergic properties. You will also get Allegra in different other names making it Generic Allegra that are cheaper than the branded ones.

However, the low price does not necessarily imply that the generic variants of Allegra are low in quality and effectiveness. All these drugs are made from the same active substance that the branded medication, Fexofenadine. This substance is known to treat several diseases in adults and is used for many years to cure diseases such as:

  • Allergic rhinitis, 
  • Urticaria and 
  • Conjunctivitis.

This medicine can be safely and effectively used on children who are 6 years or over in age. In addition to that, it is proved that this medication is safe to use on pregnant women as well. However, this is at the discretion of the doctors attending the women and if it is found that the benefits to the pregnant mother is much more than the risks to the unborn.

This medication is actually the antihistamine in its new generation. This specific substance does not cause sleepiness in a majority of users. 

Characteristic features of Allegra

Generic or branded, Allegra has its unique characteristic features irrespective of the manufacturer. Or in what name it is called such as Generic Fexofenadine. Encouraged by the World Health Organization, Generic Allegra has made a distinct impression on the market due to the unique ability of its active ingredient that is most effective and is proved to cause no side effects. 

  • Fexofenadine is the second generation antihistamine that gives the medication its anti-allergy property. The most significant feature of this medication is that it can be used for treating different forms of allergy in people. 
  • It is ideally the first choice for doctors as well as the users because it does not cause sleepiness, which is the most common side effect of any other or its older preparations.

That means this treatment is now available to a wider populace at a far cheaper price. They do not have to worry about its effectiveness or any side effects as well.

About its use

When it comes to using Allegra you can start using it as soon as the allergic season starts and you notice the symptoms of it in you. The good thing is that you can order for a pack of this medicine from any reputed and reliable online store without requiring consulting your doctor or a prescription. 

However, when you order for your pack from you will also be able to read the reviews and testimonials of other users and make an informed decision, especially if you are going to use this medication for the first time. 

Nevertheless, if you have never experienced any allergic reaction and now suspect that you are suffering from it, it is best that you visit a doctor first before you place your order. This will clarify your condition with proper diagnosis as well as exclusion of other conditions. For instance, a stuffy or a runny nose does not imply allergy. It can be a bacterial or a viral infection as well. 

Nonetheless, if you not sensitive to any components used in the preparation of this medication you can purchase and use it with full confidence and see the results in a short time. You will see that your runny or stuffy nose, itching eyelids, sneezing, or skin rash gone!

Cure of allergy

At this juncture it is important for you to know that unfortunately this preparation cannot cure allergy! 

  • Please do not have any wrong notion about this because allergy typically cannot be eradicated totally unless you eliminate a specific allergen from your life. 
  • For example, if you are allergic to skin particles or cat fur this medication can only suppress the symptoms by suppressing the progressions or methods that occurs in your body making you respond to the allergen. 

This is a temporary cure and will remain effective as along as the medication stays within your body. For a complete cure, you will need to stop contacting cats completely.

People not supposed to use Allegra

One of the downside of Allegra is that it is not meant for use by all. There are a few people who should not use this medication, for example:

  • You should not use Allegra if you are breastfeeding or are expecting a baby.
  • It is also not suitable for a person more than 65 years of age to use this medication.
  • The medication is also not recommended for people who are hypersensitive to the components used in its making.
  • Any children who are less than six years of age should not be given Allegra as well.

However, under strict supervision of a doctor a pregnant woman should use this medicine provided it benefits the mother more than the baby. In addition to that any patient suffering from chronic kidney or renal failure should use this medication cautiously, preferably under a doctor’s supervision.

Possible side effects

Just as all medicines and even vitamins there are also a few negative symptoms that you may experience provided you do not follow the instructions and overdose. The most common and temporary adverse reactions are:

  • Back pain
  • Dizziness 
  • Headache
  • Sleepiness and 
  • Nausea.

As far as children are concerned, they may experience symptoms like runny nose, cough, fever, and other flu-like symptoms, if overdosed.

The dosage:

Therefore, to avoid the negative consequences or side effects and to get the best results for seasonal allergy or urticaria you should follow the instructions of the label for its recommended dosage.

  • Adults and children over 12 years of age should take 120 mg once a day to treat allergic rhinitis and seasonal conjunctivitis and 180 mg to treat urticaria and 
  • Children aged 6 to 12 years should take only 30 mg twice a day to treat allergic rhinitis and seasonal conjunctivitis.

For people suffering from chronic renal or kidney failure it is advised to take 30 mg once a day. In addition to that, any acid fruits should be avoided to prevent interference.

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