Top 10 facts about Egg Preservation Fertility

Top 10 facts about Egg Preservation Fertility

Egg preservation fertility involves the freezing of the egg, sperm, or the embryo. This process is performed for the patients who are worried about the future pregnancies. The sperm, egg, or the embryo is stored in liquid nitrogen to freeze them and maintain their fertility. Later, these embryos, eggs, or sperms are used for the IVF Treatment or IUI Treatment. There are several clinics that provide the egg preservation facility; all you need to do is to get the best one for your treatment.

There are certain facts which related to Egg Preservation Fertility:

  • Egg freezing can be most effective if done at a young age:

If you do your egg freezing before the age of 35 years, then it will be most effective and fertile. Freezing at a younger age is much better than freezing at advancing age.

  • Freezing technology has improved drastically:

From last few decades, there had been a drastic improvement in the freezing technology. Nowadays flash freezing techniques are used which maintains the fertility of the egg or sperm or embryo.

  • Freezing eggs doesn’t affect the fertility of the egg:

There is a great myth related to the freezing of egg, that it deteriorates the ability of the egg of being fertile. Actually, this is not true; freezing of the egg won’t affect the ability of the egg.

  • Freezing more eggs can give you better motherhood opportunity in the future:

If you freeze egg before the age of 35and the number of eggs you are freezing varies from 15-20 eggs then this will give you better opportunities in the future for motherhood.

  • Egg freezing is the best technology right now:

With the help of this technology, you can preserve your fertility for the longer period of time; this can be useful in future planning and future pregnancies.

  • Egg freezing is not a way for delaying pregnancies:

This technique is not used for delaying pregnancies. Treatments like this are performed in some special situations, which demand such treatments.

  • Very few freeze eggs are used:

A lot of eggs are given for freezing but very few are actually used by the women.

  • It doesn’t guarantee pregnancy:

Freezing is a technique to preserve the chances of getting pregnant in the future. They don’t ensure guaranteed pregnancy.

  • Freezing egg at the advancing age can affect the chances:

The best time for freezing eggs is before the age of 35 years. Freezing eggs in advancing age can affect the fertility and chances of the eggs.

  • The number of babies born through this procedure is very low:

However, there is no clear estimation of the number of babies born through this procedure, but the number of babies born through this procedure is in low thousands.

This procedure is a blessing for women going through an issue to conceive at a particular time. Go to the best Fertility Clinic Arizona and get their appointment, to get the best of this process.

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