What a Typical Work Day of Jungian Psychologists Looks Like

What a Typical Work Day of Jungian Psychologists Looks Like

Jungian psychologists usually deal with patients with the agenda of addressing the challenges that hinder the patient from successfully building a contented life aside from helping them with the integration of portions of the personality that had been either distressed or completely ignored. The core principle that guides the Jungian psychologists is individualization in which case a person is expected to develop self out of their own consciousness. Psychology can be said to be among the so called ‘helping occupations’. Discipline is mandatory because it will help a great deal in keeping a professional relation with the client and in avoiding being overwhelmed by the circumstances at hand. I came to know from a certain Jungian psychologist that surprisingly enough; individuals who have little or no personal experience in relation to Jungian psychology make claims that they can do the Jungian psychologist work. There are several Jungian training institutions spread all over the United States, e.g. in Boston and New York. The most surprising thing is that all of these institutions expect students to have been in the field prior to their initial classes. This is a precautionary measure of determining whether the student has the basic knowledge of a psychotherapeutic process and what it entails as well as if he has fully explored his own psyche.

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Unlike the thoughts of many people, there are only a few Jungian psychologists in the global dimension. A large number of qualified and well-performing Jungian psychologists in the United States have set up a side time in which they offer lecture services after working with their clients. It is important to take note of the fact that there is usually a trajectory that many upcoming Jungian psychologists take. The psychologist that I interacted with told me, in addition to other vital facts; that one day Jungian psychology will have to be moved out from the consultation room in which almost all of the psychological problems are taken care of, and its application will extend to life and culture altogether. Needless to say, every single Jungian psychologist I have come across has amazed me with their unimaginable degree of intelligence. Moreover, their openness to new concepts and possession of remarkable level of insights is commendable. I am very lucky that so far I have been able to interact and share thoughts with Jungian psychologists of varied professional, academic and intellectual backgrounds.

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