What are the Myths & Facts Associated with the Hair Transplantation

What are the Myths & Facts Associated with the Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is the procedure of getting back the original hair from persons’ own body hair to cover the bald portion of the scalp in such a manner that the patients get the desired result of an aesthetic outcome of the restoration procedure. The procedure is completely a safe and painless without having any kind of side effects if done by the expert hair transplant Surgeon. The procedure is only a permanent option if a people are afflicted with the hair loss problem. The procedure has many benefits besides getting the hair back on the scalp as the procedure becomes very prominent among the glamorous worlds’ people due to the benefit of having a dense-packed hair as according to the celebrities’ requirement for the particular role. The procedure is a boon in the Cosmetic Surgery World and only cosmetic Surgeons are allowed to perform the procedure because it needs a special precision and set of aesthetic skills to offer the best positive outcomes.

There are many myths and facts are associated with the hair restoration procedure, which must be understood by the patients who are willing to take the procedure.

The Top Myths of the Hair Transplants, which must be clear among the patients are as jotted down below:

Myth: Hair Transplant is not Permanent

Fact: Hair transplants are only a permanent Solution if done by the method of FUT (Follicular Unit transplant) procedure.

Reason: The procedure of hair restoration has mainly two techniques, namely the FUT hair transplant & the FUE hair transplant. The FUT hair transplant is a safe procedure, which gives the permanent long lasting result a the grafts are harvested only from the safe donor area via the strip of the skin. The strip contains the number of hair follicles, which is suitable for covering the highest grade of baldness. The hair root properties of safe donor portion are resistant to the DHT hormone that causes the severe hair loss problem. The safe donor portion of the scalp is back and sides of the scalp where the hair roots are destined to remain permanent by nature due to the DHT resistant characteristics.

Myth: Hair Transplant is a Painful and Scar effected Procedure

Fact: Hair transplant is a painless & scarless procedure. The procedure of hair restoration is a completely painless as the Surgeon uses the application of local anesthesia before the procedure starts and if the incision of the strip harvesting has been closed by the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure there must be a zero scar. So, it is important to get the procedure only from the expert hair transplant Surgeon, who has many years of experience with excellence in the same field.

Reason: There is availability of the advanced closing technique of Trichophytic closure in some of the reputed and recognized hair transplant clinics in India, which gives a negligible scar after closing the sutures. The expert Surgeon uses the local anesthesia to make the procedure a painless in order to offer the best hair transplant procedure without having any kind of side effect or discomfort. So, we can say that with the advancement in technology and expertise the procedure becomes a safe and painless option for re-achieving the hair with a simple step of the implantation procedure.

Myth: An old-aged people cannot undergo Hair Transplant

Fact: The procedure of hair transplant doesn’t link with the age as it wholly and solely depends on the donor area availability with the hair follicles. This is your donor area availability, which decides that, are you a suitable candidate for the hair transplant or not! The procedure is safe for all-aged people except for the teenagers’, the age group between 18-24. The eligibility stage for getting the procedure are over the age of 25 as recommended by the expert hair transplant Surgeon.

Reason: It is recommended by the expert hair transplant Surgeon that the procedure is completely safe and permanent option for the hair loss people only if you have attained your maturity stage and you have a stable donor area for fulfilling the requirement of grafts to cover the bald portion. Since the teenage are not the right stage to take the procedure as the donor areas are not stable with a progressive degree of baldness and an expert Surgeon doesn’t allow the procedure in such an early stage, whereas it is safe with old-aged people if they have good and a healthy safe donor area for the procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration is safe only if done by the expert hair transplant Surgeon and the hair transplant in India have many benefits, including the World’s topmost renowned hair transplant Surgeon assures you about the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

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