What To Expect At Fertility Assessment Program

What To Expect At Fertility Assessment Program

Planning a baby requires lots of preparations. Before making changes in the lifestyle and making the home baby friendly, couples need preparing the womb first.  They also need to know their bodies and the diet better amongst other things to be aware about. To get a fair idea about the health status, it is advisable to reach to a health specialist who excels in preconception care. Preparing for having a baby requires certain assessments pertaining to fertility. Though some couples head to the preconception help only when they fail in the conception attempts, these services can be approached proactively too. The preconception care is required sometimes to ensure healthy pregnancy and also to prepare the body for going into labor naturally.

Common fertility assessments you must get done before planning a baby are:

  1. Genetic testing: Though things seem to be taken too far, but this is certainly a wise thing to do for ensuring happy pregnancy. A variety of genetic disorders create havoc in one’s life when they go unnoticed. In some severe cases, the parents may need counseling for not having a baby as it is dangerous for both the mother and the child. Such extremities should be ruled out much before thinking of having a baby. It is a well-known fact that such details about the spouse are not possible to find because love doesn’t allow to think much. So, clicking at the genetic level is also important; this information can be found through genetic testing.
  2. Lifestyle assessment: This includes almost everything. Your food habits, socializing patterns, spiritual inclination, fitness regime etc. need your attention. The lifestyle assessment helps you have a cognitive look at what your plus and weak points are. You can also find about the modifiable parts of your lifestyle and take steps like changing food habits, cutting on smoking and drinking, having proper place for ‘me time’ in schedule and so on. All these changes contribute to physical and mental fitness which is required for carrying out the task of nurturing a baby inside the body till the end of pregnancy.
  3. Complete reproductive health assessment of woman: The woman trying to conceive must have sufficient ovarian reserve, to begin with. Thus, a thorough scan of reproductive system is done as part of women health assessment schedule. Ultrasound scans, blood tests, x-rays and marking are done to find the state of ovarian health, status of fallopian tubes, follicular health and so on. The health assessment may also include keeping a track of the menstrual cycle to find the best time to start planning a family. The woman health may also be monitored with regards to ovarian fertility.
  4. Medical assessment of male: The man also requires taking some blood tests to rule out any possibility of any fertility related problems. Some doctors will include semen analysis in the health assessment plan. Various men’s health issues like ED, early ejaculation, low sperm count, etc need to be addressed on time if the couple plans to start a family. Past medical conditions like tuberculosis or STDs should be discussed. These medical conditions are supposed to be associated with infertility in men. Gym habits can also influence men’s fertility. Exercising too much raises the scrotal temperature that affects the sperm production in a negative way. Thus, changing the gym routine is also one of the changes one can adopt for getting covered from all sides while planning a baby.

Once the fertility assessment is over, the list of modifiable habits is prepared. The doctors stay with you till you conceive and also beyond if needed. They give you a research-backed way of preparing for the child’s arrival by suggesting more cognitive approach for making changes in food, exercise plan, resting time, stress management activities and so on.

Every pregnancy is special no matter it is for the first time or one amongst many after the first child. There can be some equations changed in terms of family too. Having a baby for the first time and expanding the family has their own set of challenges. Click here to register for the preconception care and get for yourself all that you require for making the journey to parenthood the easiest and also the most manageable.

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