Why should people be aware of MTHFR status?

Why should people be aware of MTHFR status?

MTHFR is an important enzyme that is necessary for methylation to occur for a crucial bodily function such as DNA synthesis & repair, cell replication & repair, neurotransmitter synthesis & metabolism, energy production/metabolism, hormone regulation, detoxification, etc. MTHFR genetic mutation negatively impacts methylation consequently the risk for cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, thyroid dysfunction, migraine headaches, infertility, etc. increases. Nowadays there are various tests available to find the MTHFR status so that the people with inefficient MTHFR gene can take the right action to minimize the symptoms and stop further health deterioration.

Act quickly

With the advancement of technology and medical science now it is possible to do MTHFR test at home and get the report within 3-5 days via email. Most of the companies offer a high-quality home kit for Cheek swab MTHFR test which is considered as most simple, inexpensive, accessible and reliable tests for MTHFR A1298C and MTHFR C677T. The test can be performed conveniently by everyone regardless of age, gender, in-depth medical knowledge, etc. by following a few simple steps. For more information customers can go through the videos on the site.

Overcome MTHFR mutation naturally

It is a fact that MTHFR mutation cannot be cured but with little changes in lifestyle and food habit people with defective MTHFR gene can lead normal and active life. Some of the steps that might be helpful in overcoming MTHFR mutation effectively and enhance the quality of life are as follows:

  • Avoid taking folic acid supplements instead take supplements with Pre-Methylated B Vitamins
  • Boost natural detoxification such as exercise, drinking plenty of water, detox bath, sitting in saunas, dry brushing etc.
  • Stay away from the toxic environment and void use of chemicals and heavy metals and replace synthetic beauty, cleaning products with natural products.
  • Consume foods rich in folate such as beans and lentils, leafy green vegetables like raw spinach, asparagus, romaine, broccoli, etc.
  • Enhance good mood and quality of sleep


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