Clam: Iron Rich Recipes

Clam: Iron Rich Recipes

Clam is a nourishment high in iron. Only ten medium clams add to about portion of your day by day prescribed iron in the event that you are a lady, matured thirty to forty. Appreciate clams frequently to add iron to your eating routine. The following are a few snappy shellfish formula thoughts.

Clams A La King Au Gratin

Pick over and flush well one 16 ounces of clams. Steam or heat up the clams until the edges twist. Deplete and save the clam juices. Warm the shellfish squeeze and strain. There ought to be one-half glass. Cut one-quarter pound of mushrooms and broil in one tablespoon of margarine. Saute one cut chime pepper. Wash celery, cut in strips the long way then transversely in fine pieces, enough for 1/2 container. Cook seven minutes or until delicate in one-half glass water. Liquefy two tablespoons of spread. Include two tablespoons of flour and, when smooth, include the shellfish fluid and one-quarter measure of cream. Include clams, celery, pepper, mushrooms, and one-half teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Transform into a meal dish and cover with one-half measure of wafer pieces blended with two tablespoons of softened spread. Prepare until scraps are dark colored.

Clam Cocktail

This starter enables you to add clams to any dinner and, in this manner, enhance the iron substance of the supper. Chill one-half 16 ounces of little clams and include two tablespoons of hacked olives and put in little glasses. Combine one-half tablespoon of horseradish, one-quarter teaspoon of Tabasco sauce, one-half tablespoon of vinegar, one-half tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, one tablespoon lemon juice, one-half tablespoon catsup, and one-quarter teaspoon of salt. Pour over shellfish. Serve instantly.

Shellfish, Potato, and Mushroom Salad

This straightforward plate of mixed greens will include a general dosage of iron to your eating routine. Dice one-half pound of potatoes. Cook in stock until delicate. Deplete and cool. Cut one-half pound of mushrooms in cuts. Cook in two tablespoons of margarine for five minutes. Deplete and cool. Parboil one-half 16 ounces of little shellfish until the edges twist. Deplete and cool. Combine all and pour over French dressing made with lemon juice. Serve on lettuce.

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