Five Health Benefits Associated with Cannabis Use

Five Health Benefits Associated with Cannabis Use

Research is continuing the positive effects of cannabis. In the past, little to no major research was being done on cannabis usage. There are now many studies that are reporting generally good things about cannabis use. SmokeCartel has plenty of devices for you to enjoy cannabis with. In this post, you’ll learn five benefits associated with the use of cannabis.

Decreases Anxiety

Those suffering from anxiety often experience physical symptoms including nausea. Cannabis use can help reduce feelings of anxiety. Feeling less stressed is likely to eliminate feelings of nausea. Certain people may benefit from using an indica variety of cannabis. Indica cannabis promotes feelings of sedation and relaxation. Cannabis also treats depression which is often related to having anxiety disorders.

Helps to Treat Muscle Spasms

One study was done on people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a medical condition that occurs in the muscles. This condition targets muscle groups making them spasm uncontrollably. Sufferers of multiple sclerosis often feel pain accompany muscle spasms. CBS News reported a study showing that multiple sclerosis sufferers experienced 50% less pain while being treated with cannabis. Muscle spasms are often controlled almost instantly with regular cannabis use.

Increases Metabolism

One common side effect of cannabis usage is increased hunger. It would stand to reason that many cannabis users should be obese. However, a few studies tell a completely different story. The increased hunger cannabis users feel is due to an increase in their metabolism levels. A study of 4,657 adults found a significant connection between cannabis use and a smaller waist. Cannabis users metabolize sugar in a more efficient manner than others.

Useful in Treating Pain Associated with Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition causing pain and inflammation of joints. Those suffering from arthritis are usually elderly individuals. Cannabis use has been shown reduce feelings of pain. A 2006 study gave one group of patients a medicine made with cannabis while the other received a placebo. The cannabis group all reported better sleep and less pain than the placebo group. Many turn to cannabis for arthritis relief instead of dealing with expensive prescriptions.

Helps Promote Sleep

The hustle of modern life can have anyone feeling stressed. Using cannabis helps certain people fall asleep easier. Patients with insomnia may find usefulness in cannabis. The sleepy feeling of cannabis use is often combined with a sense of peacefulness. Falling asleep is more of a benefit than side effect for those unable to sleep naturally.

In closing, there are several benefits associated with cannabis use. People with anxiety disorders often report that cannabis makes them feel calmer. Cannabis helps to relax muscle the body. People with muscle spasms use cannabis to help control random spasms from occurring. Cannabis users are usually skinny although they are known to eat quite a bit. Using cannabis has been shown to help reduce the painful side effects of arthritis. New studies may help to reveal more positive effects of cannabis usage.

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