Repair Inguinal Hernia with Advanced Laparoscopic treatment in Hyderabad

Repair Inguinal Hernia with Advanced Laparoscopic treatment in Hyderabad

An inguinal hernia occurs due to protruding of tissue from its original place, especially in the groins.  The resulting bulge is extremely painful. Two-third of hernias reported in Hyderabad are those of inguinal hernia. Among that, 90% of inguinal hernias occur in males. Hernias do not get fixed on its own. So if you are embarrassed to discuss the matter with your family, then consider visiting a doctor for getting checked up for hernia.  An interesting fact to note is that inguinal hernia is also very common in infants and children. The most appropriate treatment to repair an inguinal hernia is laparoscopic surgery, especially in infants because of the reduced risk of wound infection. 

An inguinal hernia gets worse and bigger with time. But you might be thinking how to know if you have an inguinal hernia or not. If there’s a bulge on either side of the pubic bone, especially when you are standing or sitting upright then don’t turn a blind eye as this can be an inguinal hernia. Apart from that some of the symptoms that can occur during inguinal hernia are:

  • Pain
  • Burning sensation in the groin area
  • The bulge around the groin area
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A feeling of weakness

If you are having any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then immediately visit your nearest clinic.

But who all are more prone to developing a hernia? People who are-

  • Smokers 
  • Above 60 years
  • Born with weak muscles 
  • Suffering from chronic constipation
  • Pregnant

In the case of inguinal hernia, doctors recommend surgery. The surgery can be performed in two ways- “open” surgery and laparoscopic treatment.

In open hernia repair surgery, a single long incision is made in the groin.  The hernia sac is pushed back or tied off and removed. Patches of mesh are then sewn over the weakened muscle so that the risk of recurrence is reduced. 

Studies show that laparoscopic procedures, which are also known as minimally-invasive surgery, are more successful in providing relief from hernias than other traditional “open” surgery.

Many patients ask their doctor how a laparoscopic procedure is carried out. Here is a step-by-step process of a laparoscopy-

  • The surgeon makes three or four ¼” to ½” incisions in your abdomen. This incision is known as ports. 
  • Through one of the ports, CO2 gas is inserted using a tube.
  • Then a laparoscope is inserted through one of the openings, allowing the surgeon to see the area on a TV monitor.
  • The surgeon then performs the procedure navigating tiny surgical instruments inserted through the other openings while viewing it on the TV monitor. 
  • A mesh is placed and fastened in place with sutures and/or staples.
  • The instruments are then removed and the holes are closed with a stitch or two or with surgical tape.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery for repairing inguinal hernia-

The laparoscopic surgery is recommended by doctors over “open” surgery for the following reasons-

  • Laparoscopic repair uses mesh for reinforcement, so it has a lower recurrence rate
  • The recovery process is much less painful. But if you have weak muscles then you might experience pain. Contact your doctor immediately.
  • Little to no scarring.
  • These are performed on an outpatient basis, which means you can go home on the same day of the surgery. But you have to stay back if you show any sign of complication.
  • A quicker return to daily chores. Many people return to work within a week.
  • The need for daily dressing is not required.
  • The frequency of visits to the doctor is also reduced. 

The laparoscopic treatment for repairing an inguinal hernia is provided by many super-specialty hospitals in Hyderabad. But either these procedures cannot be afforded by the common man because of the whopping amount they charge or the clinics which provide this laparoscopic treatment are very far. Pristyn Care has numerable clinics in Hyderabad which are fully-equipped with the latest cutting edge technology for repairing not only hernia but also gallstones, and hysterectomy.  

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