What nurses contribute to the community?

What nurses contribute to the community?

Nurses are extremely important for the health of the community due to their responsibilities. When a person gets a disease, he gets mental stress and crazy thoughts. To ensure, his mental condition is alright; there is always a dire need of a good nurse. There must be good communication between the nurse and the patient. When a nurse cares the patient with respect, a positive recovery is observed in the patient condition.

What are the important nursing elements?

There are many things in nursing [เฝ้าไข้ which is the term in thai] that need proper attention. A nurse must treat the patient with care keeping in mind the physical condition, the patient is passing through. It might be very painful for the patient and he might be at the stage where he only needs a caring person who can get him out of that fear of the disease. The patient gains enough confidence to fight with the disease. Mental health is much more important than physical health. If you have a good mental health, you can easily fight with the disease you are suffering from.

  • A nurse must maintain a professional attitude with the patients.
  • A nurse must do her duty with a bit of humor. The addition of humor is really necessary as it gives the patient a good friend to which he can share his problems easily. It is noticed that people share all their matters when they find someone trustworthy.
  • A nurse must not share the personal matters of his patient with someone else. A nurse gets to know much more about her patient. She must be kind and empathetic.
  • A nurse must have good manners. She must make good eye contact with her patient. She must also know the name of the patients. She must listen carefully to the talk of her patients.
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